Dr. Rajiv Bahl-Toledo

I've searched high and low for a yoga instructor that gets me and well Brent is that instructor. Brent has an incredible way of connecting with others and a unique style that captivates many. Brent is inspiring, captivating, and connects


I simply loved the class you taught in Shanghai, please come back soon.

Jeanette Ueberroth-Toledo

I have trouble with my lower back and neck pain. Brent's classes are as intense as you want them yet modifiable when needed. I always walk away feel much better than when I arrived. Brent is generous, and encouraging - something we all could use more of.

Surisa Kocha- Thailand

I very love your class and style when you teach here in Thailand make me feel good and different after class. Please come back soon.


Well no one showed up to this class but man I had a blast.


Amazing class on the beach. Come back to Popoyo soon