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Tony said:   October 15, 2013 1:04 am PST
Brent is a good man. We know him in Shanghai and he's classes is very happy and interesting he's classes music is very nice too. We hope can see him again in shanghai yoga studio. we like him.

Brittany Erel said:   April 25, 2013 5:31 am PST
Brent's classes rock. The music is fun and the sweating feels amazing. I suggest anyone who ever thought about taking a yoga class come to this one! Thank you Brent, I look forward to coming to your class every week.

Lindy Lee Reuther said:   April 6, 2013 8:44 am PST
Thanks Brent I can't believe how much stronger I am getting both physically and mentally. Your hot yoga class is by far the best workout I have ever done!

Sarah Stewart said:   March 5, 2013 7:19 pm PST
This class is incredible. Brent is the most kind-hearted, patient, and knowledgeable teacher I have ever had. He understands the point of the yoga practice and not only helps strengthen our bodies, but our hearts and minds as well. My self-esteem gets raised a couple of notches every time I attend one of these classes. The poses are a perfect mixture of easy, moderate, and challenging, and there is no pressure whatsoever if you aren't quite at the challenging-pose level yet. Keep practicing and you'll make it there eventually! A grade-A learning environment!

Taylor Leonard said:   February 27, 2013 7:49 pm PST
i crave this yoga class all week!! brents class takes yoga to a different level. his unique approach along with the fab music is motivating, challenging and seriously cleansing. in short, the class is badass. most definitely my favorite in the toledo area.

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